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1 Extruder

Multi-Layer Extruders
We have 3 German multi-layer extrusion machines with a capacity of 650 kgs per hour per machine. Two out of three machines have capabilities to produce width sizes of 2500 mm and the third has the capability to produce width size of up to 1800 mm.

2 Slitter Machine

Slitter: 2200 mm
Our high speed slitting machine has differential technology with servo controlled drives. The S-wrap pull roller is adjustable for wrinkle free web. The machine has a maximum web width of 2200 mm.

3 Comexi F1

8 Colour Comexi CI Printing Flexo Press Machine
The Spanish Comexi CI printing press which is one of the best in the world for flexography printing. This advanced machine allows printing at high speeds and is designed for working with long runs. The 8-colour option allows to for huge diversity. It is India’s widest machine & fastest  with 1600 mm width.

4 Pouching Machine

High-speed Pouching Machines
We have more than 15 high-speed pouching machines for producing courier bags with hot melts. These machines can run for long durations and can produce a wide variety of dimensions. It helps in customization of customer’s requirement and Industry. It produces an unmatched quality of pouches.

5 Roto Gravure

Roto Gravure Printing Machines
With maximum web width of 1300 mm and printing cylinder repeat range of 400 to 800 mm, Roto gravure printing machines offer high efficiency, low wastage and high quality end results.
We have Gearless and with Gear machines for the different registration requirement of the printing job


6 Flexo Printing

Flexo Printing Machines
The flexo printing machines ensure accurate colour processes and are highly efficient for small volume requirements. These are suitable for printing for any substate HDPE, LDPE, PP, rolling paper, nonwoven fabric etc. It provides an easy to change the job in a less span of time.

7 Bottom Cutting Machine

Bottom Cutting Machine
The bottom cutting & sealing machine with conveyor belt assures smooth operations. The automatic bag length adjustment ensures that a variety of dimensions can be produced. Various high tension sealed bags are produced for FMCG Industries.

8 Bubble Bag Machine

Co-Extruded Lamination Bubble Bag Machine
One of the finest & exclusive products in India which is manufactured with us, this fully automatic machine can create various dimensions of bubble bags and Co-Extruded bubble bags. The co-extrusion ensures durability and a seamless & efficient manufacturing process. It develops flawless Jiffy bags.


9 Hanger & Zipper Machine

Online Hanger and Zipper Machine
The machine has online application of zipper, Hanger & Slider with features of functions of bottom folding, edge folding, thermal bonding, perforating, hot cutting and sealing, to fully automatically produce bags. The machine enable cater to FMCG Industry & Automobile Industry.

10 Paper Bag Machine

Paper Bag Machine
The fully automatic paper bag machine can produce bags of various paper thickness and dimensions. Having speeds of up to 450 meters per minute, the machine ensures that the final product is durable. It has the capacity to pouch bags with water based quoting.

Production Capacity

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We are equipped with top-of-the-line machines which enable us to manufacture more than 20,00,000+ pieces per day. The core value behind having the best machines is that quantity of production should not affect the quality in any manner.
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With most of our clients being associated with us for long-term, our in-house manufacturing capacity utilization is 80%. We are in the process of further increasing our capacity to meet the growing needs.
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Due to efficient work processes and technological advantage which we have due to our machinery, the plant is equipped to produce more than 20 tons of material in one shift depending on the sub state.
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We are stringent about quality and therefore believe in having all the production processes carried out in our in-house facility under our supervision. We invest in expansion of our capacities than cost-saving via outsourcing.
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With our existing clients showing confidence in us and intending to increase their orders with us, our production capacity enhancement is under process which will double our capacity.

Production Process

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Step 1


Quality check of raw material. We only proceed with raw material if it meets our quality standards.
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Step 2


Extrusion using in-house extruder to ensure manufactured material is as per the standards set by us and our clients.
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Step 3

Quality Check

Inspection of processed material to ensure right density, micron and gauge is as per the set standards.
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Step 4

Printing & Quality Assurance

Printing using Comexi CI Flexographic Machine and Roto Gravure Machine ensuring correct impression. The quality team ensures that exct and accurate impression is printed.
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Step 5

Pouching & Quality Assurance

Our high speed pouching machine ensures that all features like barcode printing, sealing of the bag and various other features are up to the mark.
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Step 6


The proper packaging of the final product is ensured and labelling is done on each packet by the packaging team.
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Step 7


We have both in-house logistics & tie-ups with leading logistic solutions provider which ensure our on-time delivery.